Ground-breaking bespoke slimming treatment available now only at Firenze Clinica, consisting of 4 uniquely blended creams and serums, specifically formulated for different weight problems, as well as problem areas.

The product penetrates the epidermis and gets absorbed into the blood stream staying active in your body for up to 12 hours, promoting detoxification and successfully targets areas of cellulite, water retention and will burn or freeze fat deposits while stimulating the lymphatic system in helping to firm & tone the skin

Our therapists will determine which product should be applied on each individual.

After your first treatment, you will notice your skin smoother, firmer and cellulite visibly reduced.

The results are long lasting.
Unlike weight loss treatments that depend on body perspiration for their effects, normal drinking does not damage the achievements nor replace the lost inches. It is not a sweat loss technique. With a correct eating plan, there is no time limitation on how long you remain looking thin.

A series of six wraps are required.
One to two wraps per week are recommended depending on your personal goal.