This anti-ageing facial uses the full power of our Swiss Cacao Beans Product Range to leave your skin tauter and glowing with vitality.

The Cocoa Bean Moisturising and Sculpting Facial involves a gentle series of relaxing steps with a coconut cleansing your skin, followed by a facial with the very powerful antioxidant properties that cocoa possesses, which are capable to reduce inflammation of the blood vessels while improving circulation.

Two very important factors when fighting premature aging. Cocoa beans have several ingredients which have an amazing effect on your skin – phenolic phytochemicals (polyphenols), including flavonoids, procyanidin, and resveratol In fact they are present at such high concentrations, that cocoa actually has higher antioxidant potential than other heavy weight antioxidants such as green tea or red wine.

As always we infuse the facial with our renown Vitamin C Serum.

Suitable for all skin types.

60 minutes | €120