The Jet Peel is a revolutionary and high-tech skin rejuvenation device with cutting-edge technology based on jet aviation principles. It uses only air and saline solution as it exfoliates desired skin layers while oxygenating and hydrating the skin at the same time. The Jet Peel allows trans-dermal delivery of nutrient supplements, mesotherapy products, and vitamins and minerals without the use of needles.

Here at Firenze Clinica we are thrilled to bring to you the ultimate in anti-wrinkle treatments. Imagine how un-stoppable you could be with age old wisdom and bright youthful looks! But what has us at Firenze really excited is that we can offer you all this from a health care professional with over 10 years experience in anti-wrinkle treatments.

Due to the complexity of anti-wrinkle treatments we always carry out an initial consultation to design an anti-wrinkle treatments tailored for you, we will also discuss what to expect from a treatment and answer any questions you might have.

30 minutes €65 | 60 minutes €95