At Firenze Clinica we offer discreet psychotherapy and counseling services. Just like the physical outer self, may it be a facial, therapeutic massage or any other beauty therapies, our inner self needs to be nurtured.

Ever have a problem you couldn’t discuss with anyone? Like many of us we often find ourselves weighed down with issues we can’t or won’t discuss with our friends or family. But without discussing our problems they can remain unresolved and can even grow in size until a once simple problem can seem insurmountable.

Remember, you don’t have to be diagnosed with a mental health problem to benefit from therapy. Many people in therapy seek help for everyday concerns: relationship problems, job stress, or self-doubt, for example. Others turn to therapy during difficult times, such as a divorce or illness/death of a loved one.

It can be very helpful to talk about your problems to close friends and family members. But sometimes, we need help that the people around us aren’t able to provide. When you need extra support, an outside perspective, or some expert guidance, talking to a therapist can help. Therapists are professionally-trained listeners who can help you get to the root of your problems, overcome emotional challenges, and make positive changes in your life.

Our highly trained and experienced psychotherapist can help in many areas you might be having difficulty in such as bereavement, depression, stress, relationships issues, fear or phobias. For added peace of mind, and as is the law, all information discussed during sessions are in the strictest of confidence.

Also, the beauty of our clinic is that you need not worry about others knowing why you are there as we offer many other services besides therapy! So there will be no reason for your friend or family to know you are having a problem until you are ready to discuss it with them.

We would finally like to say that if you do relate to anything discussed in this suite but do not wish to use our services, please do find help as soon as you can.

Prior to any therapy you will receive a complimentary consultation (30 min) to discuss your therapy.

60 minutes | €65